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Battleswarm on Linux!

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booiiing said...
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The download was slow yesterday, so I decided to sleep first.

However, I've got a big update for you:
Bad news first: I've asked on their forums and the official answer is, that "there are no plans for a Linux version of Battleswarm at this time."

Now the good news: Install worked flawlessly in wine and I successfully launched the game and logged in. However, all the 3D-stuff is still very sluggish, so I've to do some tuning.

It also seems that no complex setup is needed, as a user already reported running it on Ubuntu Jaunty out of the box.

UPDATE: It's only the intro that's sluggish, probably my low graphic-settings are not applied there.
I already played online as a bug, but lost - those basic bugs just die way too fast!
Trying to play as a human arose the next problem: My character is turning left all the time - makes the game unplayable. It might be a bug in wine[1], but the solutions mentioned there (forcing mousewarp) didn't work for me. Players in the game suggested rebooting and restarting the game, but (as I expected) that didn't help either.

[1]: http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=6971
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